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Reasons why a theologian and astronomer does not believe in flying saucers

As a Baptist pastor who attended the course of Bachelor of Theology, fighting in the area of astronomy for 29 years (perhaps the only astronomer pastor in Brazil) can´t remain silent in the face of recent speculation about extraterrestrial intelligence.

Since Orson Wells narrated live The supposed Martian invasion to the U.S. Capital, a fact that has passed into history with the biggest lie of the century, crowds vehement claim to have had visual contact with Aliens and even the famous "little green men." Such was the panic caused by the "scoop" of Wells, he was forced to deny it. Still, to no avail ... Myth was born the "flying saucer". Surrounding this issue were created concepts, prejudices, philosophies, religions, science projects, etc ...

Such was the number of stories that happened in the United States, the USAF was forced to create the Project Blue Book. In this project, all episodes were studied, people went through rigorous psychological testing and after all this process, the official U.S. Air Force gave the report: Hallucination.

Over time and with the reliability of many witnesses, NASA decided to enter the event. Some say that we know much more than is reported. Roswell Incident with even today are considered controversial. According to UFO enthusiasts in this city fell by two-extraterrestrial spacecraft, NASA and the crew succeeded in capturing one alive, that would still be stuck in the famous Hangar 51.

Whatever they are called UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects) UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), they continue today in the imagination of hundreds of thousands of people on Earth.

With the top of space research, we expected to find some "neighbors" on the moon or another planet. In fact, no evidence of any kind of life was found to date. But a picture taken by the Viking spacecraft images revealed Cydonia Region of Mars that took the sleep of many astronomers from NASA. Considered "NOM-SENSE" (meaningless), photo by millimeters was studied by the researchers in absolute secrecy. It was secretly filed to avoid speculation, and would have been totally unknown to the public.

But in 1980, a team of scientists, after being fired all reported to a reporter for The New York Times. With pressure from the international scientific community, the North American Space Agency was forced to show the photo. "FACE", as is known, shows a distinctly human face with eyes, nostrils, lips and nose, and not only ... Next to this "face" is a group of three pyramids! Ready. It was everything that NASA did not want!

I was definitely open to hunt for "ET` s ". But to the dismay of Ufologists and every new mission to study the soil of Mars, astronomers arrive at a conclusion: Optical Illusion!

What everyone thought was residue of an extraterrestrial civilization, not merely a freak of nature that carved, with the help of erosion on the rocks of Mars, a "face". Recently, a group of scientists at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX decided to put more fuel on the fire. After studies in a meteor found in Antarctica, claimed to have found organic molecules. According to them, this meteor came from Mars. The fact is that the human being does not accept the hypothesis of universal loneliness. And more and more distant from God, some scientists raise questionable theories try to explain the existence of Life.

With presumed age of 4.5 billion years, the meteor found in Antarctica is supposed to have arrived on Earth some 16 million years. Astronomers claimed that it would be a result of shrapnel from a comet that collided with Mars. This "splinter" would have traveled through space for only 13 thousand years before colliding with Earth. Later, however, NASA revealed that the meteorite was contaminated with biological material on earth.

Since the beginning of the Space Race, NASA scientists expect to find any evidence of the existence of Extraterrestrial Life ... Even a tiny bacterium that was ... All this euphoria has an explanation: The desire to prove the Theory of Evolution. Scientists, mostly atheists, seeking in vain to this day some indication of life, even if bacterial, to prove evolutionary concepts. Precisely for this reason that the matter Extraterrestrial Life attracted the attention of thousands of people all over the planet.

One question however remains unanswered: Are we alone in the universe? Humanity can not accept this chance!

After the great disappointment caused by the new pictures taken of the "Face", which proved that "The remains of aliens" were just an optical illusion caused by erosion Mars, NASA scientists have just been through another tough one disappointment: The Meteor Allan Hills 84001 (ALH 84001) found in Antarctica that supposedly contain fossils of Martian bacteria has now been studied. Drs Jull A J.T. and Jeffrey D. The recently published their research in the prestigious journal Scientific American. " According to them, after the measurement of radiation through the Isotopic Carbon 14 (used for dating archaeological finds) came to the conclusion that the meteorite was contaminated by the bacteria themselves Earthlings. Thus, all the suspense was again dashed. Read also: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science-life-on-mars-the-debate-still-rages-1138866.html

When in my articles about as exciting and controversial topic, say not to believe in Extraterrestrial Life, do not do it without the base. Not that he is saying that somewhere far there are no other civilizations, but I speak of the impossibility of ET there `s the way described and interstellar travel impossible.

Einstein once said: E = m.C ² - said so, that any solid body to reach the speed of light is transformed into energy. This incredible speed is "only" 300,000 miles per second (three hundred thousand kilometers per second). To date, no human artifact that has come close to either 1 / 3 of that speed!

2nd difficulty: Even if it was possible to achieve the fantastic speed of light, transforming them into energy, as one might reverse the process. That is, transform energy into matter? Suppose, just suppose, a manned trip to Earth's nearest star to Earth: Alpha Centauri. Only 4.3 light years, or 40,681,440,000,000 km (40 trillion, 681 billion and 440 million km away)! On the ground faster machine, you just would take 4,680,365 years to make this short trip.

If either the grandson of his grandson came to the end of this trip! Not to mention food, loneliness, etc.. This would be a scientific explanation, based on numbers and more advanced technological knowledge of mankind. But there is another explanation, one that few dare to express: a theological explanation.

The Bible says that mankind has sinned. Because of this, our entire planet was subject to the result of sin. We walked to the extermination of life on Earth Three, when we launched the pollution in rivers, the atmosphere and when we promote the clearing of forests. Everything consequence of "progress" of our civilization, which only goes to the same end.

E.T an autopsy?

Ufologists In 1996, Americans were the limits of absurdity fabricating a fake photo. Based on the Roswell Incident, by which much has been said about Hangar 51 and the supposed hostages ET `s, these ufologists produced a photographic documentary of a pseudo Roswell alien autopsy lab in one of the USAF

At the time, it was stated that such material had been kept secret for years, and which was delivered by Air Force authorities. Even Kodak Co. has come to be contacted for an analysis of each photo.

Some "mistakes" were committed ... For the decade of 50/60 did not like the clocks that appear in the background ... Existed in the USA richly colored film that was used by the U.S. Army ... Protective clothing to the radioactivity appears in the film, but nowhere else in the room is seen the symbol of the International Convention of radioactivity. Medical Examiners found that the method by which the alleged autopsy carried out are totally wrong from a medical standpoint. That is, the "doctors" of the photo are not doctors

The Farce of Ufology is always so ... Accompanied by fraud, lies, manipulation ... Even if the hypothesis that there are civilizations in distant galaxies seem thrilling theme, research in the field demonstrate the impossibility of such interplanetary travel.

Lives exist in other stellar complexes is one thing to defend the existence of these alleged ET beings `s as they traveled in space is another.

Daily we receive lot of criticism for our stance against the existence of flying saucers. They are fanatical, cult followers, who by the intellectual and spiritual blindness, possible beings attach to these attributes Angels Messengers of God. Longer believe in Von Daniken and JJ Benitez than in biblical texts. Surely all this proves that Satan has been successful in keep people from believing in Christ and His return. In II Corinthians 11: 14, The Apostle Paul warns: "And no wonder, since Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light"

New planets have consistency of Marshmallow

The fans continued their investigation of UFOs. Spiritualistic explanations have been offered. Almost we can say that the fascination for Extraterrestrial Life has become a cult, a religion ... But the fact is that nothing concrete has been scientifically proven. Would atmospheric phenomena? Would find the explanation in the spiritual realm? Collective hallucination? Auto-suggestion? I do not know! The fact is that in this matter means I'm like Thomas: I want to see to believe! While not a hard landing at a packed Maracana on a day of Fla x Flu, or an astronomer, a pastor or a priest has reported in an apparatus of travel, I keep saying - do not believe in Aliens traveling through space. Any matter scientifically analyzed to find evidence of fraud should not deserve our attention, and is one of Ufology subjects ... Full of frauds, hallucinations, fanaticism ...

All pseudo-appearances and said "contacts" with Marty `s always said they are a people closer to God, more advanced, smarter, etc ... The big problem is that according to the Theological Bible, man is the center of God's creation. And the crown of creation, is contaminated with disobedience to the Creator. Although not a scientific book, nor to have been written to speak of all matters, the Bible says and not give the banks to believe or not in life on other planets. The existence of life forms in distant galaxies thousands of light years can be viable and consistent hypothesis, but there is no biblical basis for that statement. The problem resides in the fact that God had his plans in the sin of mankind, so in order not to allow the spiritual pollution of the entire universe, He would never communicate with other people, assuming they can actually exist.

One might even assume that existence before the countless numbers of other stars where they are being discovered other solar systems. The most interesting of all this is that every step of the research on Extraterrestrial Life is given a hard blow to the theory of evolution. According to the followers of Darwin believe all living things would result from the evolution of a bacterium. But why no other planet in the Solar System was not the same? Why there are no bacteria on the moon or Mars? Answer: Because we really alone in the Solar System!

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